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The world's most fun crypto team

Nerd, CEO
CryptoPriest is the Founder and CEO of Bitcoin Jackpot. Born in Guyana South America, he moved to Canada in 1983. CryptoPriest has 23 years of business experience and 4 successful startups under his belt. He started working at the age of 7 (yes seven) doing door to door sales to support his family (he has a super strong work ethic). He has helped build 14 orphanages worldwide and has a goal to help build 3 more in Moldova. In his spare time, he loves Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and a good cup of tea. You'll find him working hard (and sometimes goofing around) in Toronto. If you see him, please do not bring up Bitcoin or Game of Thrones because once you get him started on the subject he won't shut up.
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Office Manager
CryptoHailey started working at the age of 10 and when she heard about BTC, her eyes lit up. Born in London Ontario she now lives in Toronto. Her favorite thing to do is to sell her BTC and withdraw fiat at an ATM and her second favorite is to send Christmas presents to orphans through Operation Christmas Child, something she hopes to fund this year purely through BTC. She has 6 years of work experience and hopes to go into business school.
Computer Scientist
CryptoEbe has a degree in Biology from McMaster University and is currently studying computer science. He is well-versed in code with a love for Java and Python, along with the fundamentals of cloud computing. He's been actively involved as a volunteer in several places such as St. Michael’s Hospital. In his spare time, he loves to play the piano; he regularly uses his love of music to bring joy to old folks at a retirement home. CryptoEbe was born in India and moved to Canada in 2009.
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CryptoMariah is an outgoing and fun girl who hopes to study Neurology. Her hobbies include dancing, horseback riding and ice skating. She plans to attend York University for her undergrad. She dreams of one day opening her own horse ranch and horse rescue.
CryptoJoshua is a hard-working member of Bitcoin Jackpot. Born in India he moved to Canada in 2009. He's a code expert, he can do anything in PHP and JS, SQL bores him. He plays soccer and when he's not dreaming about crypto he dreams of scoring the winning goal in the World Cup. CryptoJoshua also makes sure our ICO portfolio is up to date while watching every episode of Shark Tank.
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Events Manager
CryptoDiv was born and raised in Toronto. She's a 5 year veteran of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, has her boating license and holds the rank of Chief Petty Officer. At school, she is an active member of the Zonta club. Zonta is an international club that envisions a world where women have equal access to resources. CryptoDiv is studying Criminology in University and manages events for our team. She once dropped us off in the middle of the Hanes Corn Maze in Dundas Ontario and it took us 3 hours to find our way out. She's a savage.
He's the youngest (and yet tallest) member of our team. CryptoNadil is an adventurous high school student and he is considering going into law. His focus is Bitcoin by day and basketball at night, he plays in a high school league.
We wanted to call her CryptoSquats since she's at the gym every day and involved in every sport, including wrestling (she has threatened us physically several times). She's a tough girl. CryptoDel enjoys digital animation and parties. She wears fancy dresses with running shoes. She's hoping to help us make Bitcoin Jackpot a success so that she doesn't have to go teach English in South Korea (her mom is forcing her).
CryptoDes was born in Canada. She speaks English and Japanese. She's a self-taught ukulele player and incredible at visual art. During the day she watches the price of the top 10 coins on CoinMarketCap and at night she watches Anime. She hopes to one day attend the University OCAD and she's also won several eating contests.
Affiliate or Intern
We are always looking for talented, hard working people who are able to help us sell tickets and have more fun. You can become an affiliate (link is in the footer) or an intern. Contact us and hopefully we can work together.