This service is open to everyone anywhere in the world!

The world’s going crazy for crypto and we want to throw our hat into the ring!

What is Bitcoin Jackpot?
Bitcoin Jackpot is a brand-new service launched January 2018. It’s a simple and fair crypto raffle. Once every ticket is sold we will perform the draw and then after prizes are given out we will take a short break and start another round, we hope to do up to 4 rounds each year.

How does playing Bitcoin Jackpot work?
When you play Bitcoin Jackpot, you are purchasing a raffle ticket. At the time of the draw, a winning ticket(s) is selected at random using random.org which is an unrelated third party; the draw will be live streamed on YouTube when every ticket is sold. Random.org is a scientific organization that is well known and trusted to choose random numbers, they use atmospheric noise to choose their numbers and as you know, the atmosphere cannot be hacked. This makes our game as provably fair as possible.

How do I play Bitcoin Jackpot?
Playing Bitcoin Jackpot couldn’t be simpler; just purchase as many tickets as you’d like, pay using coins you’d like, and you’ll receive your ticket numbers by email and on your account dashboard. When you buy tickets you just need to give us your first name and email address, an account will be created for you so you can log in if you’d like to.

What are the odds of winning the jackpot?
If you purchase 1 ticket, your odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 100,000. This is far better than traditional lotteries where you have to select numbers and have a better chance of being bitten by a shark in the desert than winning.

What do I do when I win?
The day after the draw, we will email winners. You’ll need to tell us where to send your payment. Don’t worry, the whole process is stress-free, we want to be the best Bitcoin Jackpot site in the world and we won’t cause you any stress. You can accept payment in several different crypto coins or opt for a bank wire payment in your local fiat currency. However, for bank wire, we will require full identity verification, and possibly income tax related paperwork. Bank wire is available in most (but not all) countries.

Is the payout guaranteed? How do I know?
Yes, we want people to play so that we can make money. We want people to win so we can gain legitimacy and publicity and grow. So we are going to keep it simple and honest. Our financials are prepared by a licensed accountant. He hates lies and would turn us in right away if he found any scams. Our owners are honest people who work hard and pay income taxes, we love crypto and want to be a big part of the community. We have top tier accounts in several major exchanges, our bank knows our plan, we have several redundancies in place. We convert a portion of the payments into our local currency in case of a market crash, so when the time comes to pay out prizes we will be fully prepared.

Anything else?
We are crazy about crypto. Aside from this raffle, we also hold several dozen of the top currencies and participate in ICO’s regularly. Check out Ian Balina or CoinStarter if you’re interested in Initial Coin Offerings.

Any other rules?
Official Rules

Our rules are very simple and similar to any other raffle:

– no purchase necessary.

– There are 2 ways to enter:
1) Purchase as many raffle tickets as you wish via our website bitcoinjackpot.global or
2) Send in your No Purchase Entry request via email: [email protected] with “My Free Entry Request” in the subject line and your real first name and valid email.

– raffle is ongoing until all tickets are sold.

– raffle is open to everyone worldwide.

– raffle is not open to team members of bitcoin jackpot or our close family members.

– you must give us a valid name and email address so that we can contact you if you win.

– enter the raffle on our website or by writing to us by email.

– the draw will be live streamed so that ticket holders can watch it happen.

– the winning ticket numbers will be produced by random.org and we will announce them.

– we will contact winners the next day by email to receive payment instructions. We will continue to attempt contacting you in good faith however if winners do not respond within 100 days they forfeit their prize and we will award their prize to another ticket holder using random.org to choose.

– prize winners must communicate to us using the same exact email address they used to obtain tickets. We are not responsible for your lost email access.

– for legal reasons, winners will be required to correctly solve this mathematical skill-testing question: 5,000 x 20 =

– Tickets will be declared invalid if they are forged or obtained through fraud or the abuse of coupons or email address theft.